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bizhub 364e

An all-in-one multifunction printer to drive your office and empower information sharing.

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Key Features


Product Category Office
Mono Output Speed (A4 pages per min) 36
Print Resolution (dpi) 1200 x 1200
Copy Resolution (dpi) 600 x 600
First Time To Print Mono (secs) 5.3
Warm Up Time (secs) 20
Output Size Max SRA3
Average Monthly Volume (A4 pages per mth) 13333
Standard Paper Input Tray 1 (sheets) 500 (up to A3)
Standard Paper Input Tray 2 (sheets) 500 (up to SRA3)
Standard Paper Input Multiple Bypass (sheets) 150 (up to SRA3)
Maximum Paper Input (sheets) 3650
Paper Weight Trays (gsm) (Tray 1/2) 52 – 256
Paper Weight Multiple Bypass (gsm) 52 – 300
Standard Memory (GB) 2 (Max 4)
Hard Drive Standard 250
Document Feeder (sheets) 100
Weight (kg) (Approx) 85
Dimension W x D x H (mm) 615 × 685 × 779
Dimension Inclusions Dimensions don’t include Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Power Requirements (V / Amp / Hz) 220-240V / 9A / 50-60Hz
Max Power Consumption (kW) 1.58
Energy Star Typical Energy Consumption (kWh/week) 2.15
Automatic Duplex Unit Paper Weight (gsm) 52 to 256 gsm
Automatic Duplex Unit Max Sheet Size SRA3
Scan Type Full colour scanner
Scanning Speed Simplex Max 80
Scanning Speed Duplex Max 37 (DF-624), 160 (DF-701)
Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T)
Protocol TCP/IP (FTP, SMB, SMTP)
Dual Scan True
Scanning Size Max A3
Scan Resolution Push: 200 dpi / 300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpiPull: 100 dpi / 200 dpi / 300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpi
Output Format TIFF, JPEG, PDF, Compact PDF, XPS, Compact XPS, PPTx, DOCx*, XLSx*, Searchable PDF*, PDF / A*, Linearised PDF *optional
Main Functions Scan to E-Mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to BOX (HDD), Scan to PC (SMB), Network TWAIN, Scan to WebDAV, Scan to Me, Scan to Home, Scan to USB, Scan to Scan Server, Scan to Web Service (WSD-Scan), Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS)
Modem Type Super G3
Modem Speed (min to max kbps) 2.4 to 33.6
Transmission Speed (secs) 3
Scanning Speed (A4 originals per min) 55
Numberof Stored Destinations 2000
Numberof One Touch Destinations 400
Numberof Group Destinations 100
Internet Fax Protocol SMTP, POP
Internet Fax Resolution (dpi) 200 x 100, 200 x 200, 400 x 400, 600 x 600
Internet Fax Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T)
Internet Fax Colour True
Sendand Receive File Format Send: TIFF-F, Receive: TIFF-F Colour / Grey Scale:TIFF (RFC3949 Profile-C)
Operating System Support Windows 2000 / XP / XP 64bit / Vista / Vista 64bit / 7 / 7 64bit / 8 / 8 64bit / Server 2003 / Server 2003 64bit / Server 2003 R2 / Server 2003 R2 64bit /Server 2008 / Server 2008 64bit / Server 2012 / Mac OS 9.2 / Mac OS X 10.2 / 10.3/10.4 (Power PC) / Mac OS X 10.5 Power PC/Intel / Mac OS X 10.6 /10.7 / 10.8 Intel Linux
Processor (MHz) SOC 800 MHz (DualCore)
Supported Protocols TCP / IP, IPX/SPX (NDS support), SMB (NetBEUI), LPD, IPP1.1, SNMP, HTTP
Memory (Shared with copier)
Printer Language PostScript 3 Emulation (3016), PCL5e/c, PCL6 (Ver. 3.0), XPS Ver. 1.0
Printer Interface Ethernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T), USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB Host
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bizhub PRESS C1060/C1070

bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 Series..

 Enhanced accuracy and image quality, to meet the demands of digital professionals
A new generation of digital press for a new kind of print professional

Starting from a clean sheet, Konica Minolta has designed the bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 to meet new generation digital challenges.
Especially engineered for print professionals, these machines offer outstanding colour reproduction, registration and stability along with excellent overall print quality. They can be configured for a wide range of tasks, with a comprehensive range of modular in-line finishing options. The bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 is a complete new design using proven reliable technology and industry insight and experience.

Increase your profitability with maximum productivity.
Dedicated to the needs of print professionals.
The bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 are newly designed to maintain high-level productivity in the toughest workflow environments.
• Highly reliable, flexible and productive with fast print speeds in colour and monochrome of 71 impressions per minute (C1070) and 61 impressions per minute (C1060).
• Featuring proven, advanced Konica Minolta precision print technology in hardware and versatile software, the bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 delivers outstanding quality.
• Proprietary Konica Minolta developments like Simitri HDE and S.E.A.D. IV satisfy even the most discerning customers’ quality expectations.
• With impressive media flexibility, the bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 meets virtually any print job request, including paper formats from A5 to SRA3 (max 330 x 480 mm) and weights ranging from 62 to 300 gsm.
• Advanced finishing facilities provide essential impact to boost customers’ business opportunities. With an extensive range of finishing options including booklet trimming and perfect binding, the finishing capabilities of the bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 are truly comprehensive.

Helping printers to meet their environmental commitments.
With all-round capabilities, the bizhub PRESS C1070/ C1060 boasts a number of features that reduce the impact on the environment.
• Konica Minolta promotes sustainable development and integrates environmental and social perspectives into its business strategies.
• As part of its zero-waste manufacturing concept, Konica Minolta strives to minimise the ecological impact of its products with efficient environmental activities throughout all stages of the product lifecycle.

Download bizhub PRESS_C1060/C1070_Brochure..

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bizhub PRESS C1100

Our flagship digital press with superior colour accuracy and productivity.

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Key Features

  • A4 colour speed: 100 ipm
  • A3 colour speed: 53 ipm
  • Max paper capacity: 13,890 sheets


Product Category Production
Mono Output Speed (A4 pages per min) 100
Colour Output Speed (A4 pages per min) 100
Print Resolution (dpi) 1200 x 1200
Copy Resolution (dpi) 600 x 600
Warm Up Time (secs) 480
Output Size Max SRA3
Average Monthly Volume (A4 pages per mth) 330000
Standard Paper Input High Capacity Feeder (sheets) 4630
Maximum Paper Input (sheets) 13890
Paper Weight Trays (gsm) 55-350
Paper Weight Multiple Bypass (gsm) N/A
Standard Memory (GB) 8GB
Hard Drive Standard 1.5 TB
Document Feeder (sheets) Optional with PF-708
Weight (kg) 430 (main unit only)
Dimension W x D x H (mm) 900 x 950 x 1319
Dimension Inclusions Dimensions don’t include Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Power Requirements (V / Amp / Hz) 240 / 32
Max Power Consumption (kW) 6
Automatic Duplex Unit Paper Weight (gsm) 350 gsm
Automatic Duplex Unit Max Sheet Size SRA3
Options Available P P G Only Production Options
Stapling Unit Output (sheets) 3,000
Foldingand Punching Unit Output (sheets) FD-503 (1000)
Multi G B C Punching Unit Output (sheets) GP-501
Stacking Unit Output (sheets) LS-506 (5000 sheets)
Booklet Making Unit Output (sheets) 50
Perfect Binding Output (sheets) PB-503 (300 sheets)
Main Unit Input 1,500
Paper Feed Unit Input 4,630
Relay Unit Input (sheets) RU-511
Scan Type Full colour scanner
Scanning Speed Simplex Max 42
Scanning Speed Duplex Max 42
Interface Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, IPv6, USB 2.0
Protocol TCP/IP
Dual Scan False
Scanning Size Max A3
Scan Resolution 600 dpi / 400 dpi / 300 dpi / 200 dpi
Output Format PDF, TIFF
Main Functions TWAIN scan, Scan-to-HDD, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB, Scan-to-E-mail, Scan formats TIFF (single and multi page), PDF
Operating System Support Windows® 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista™, Macintosh® OSX or higher
Processor (MHz) (Intel® Core2 Duo) 3.0
Supported Protocols TCP/IP (LPR, RAW socket), IPX/SPX (NDS, Bindery), NetBEUI, IPP, Ether Talk
Memory 8
Printer Language PCL5E/XL (PCL6) / Adobe PostScript (PS3019)
Printer Interface PDF directprint (PDF Ver.1.7) / TIFF (TIFF Ver.6) direct print/PPML (Ver 2.1)


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