The most convenient way to use Konica Minolta copier

Now Konica Minolta copier owner can use their machine freely without worrying about maintenance cost, consumable cost, spare-part and technical cost. Because all of it will become our problem to solve as a sole distributor in the TST

How can TST gives more advantage than regular Service Contract?

Like it’s called, Total Service Guarantee gives total service, ALL OF IT. Consumable, Service, Spare part, even the PC drum. ALL FREE. On the contrary, in the regular Service Contract , you still have to buy consumable-part, spare-part, PC drum, and still have to pay Annual Service Contract fee.

Join the TST program and get full comfort

Your copier machine always in working condition, never get jammed. Your monthly budget for copier will be stable, no unpredictable cost. “On-the-spot” service. Quality guarantee by Perdana.

Qualification to join the TST program

All of Konica Minolta copier owner in Jabodetabek can join the TST program, which is held by PT. Perdana Jatiputra. The condition and type of your copier must meet to our standard (checked by PT. Perdana Jatiputra technician).

If you are interested in getting more information regarding TST Program, please fill in the TST Request Form below.

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