KOMI Doc Cloud Platform

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KOMI Doc offers a comprehensive set of intuitive features that make filing, searching and sharing of business documents, quick and easy.

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– Specifically designed for business units looking for a simple yet powerful solution to manage business information, KOMI Doc offers great features :
– Eliminate paper and organize all your documents in a central place
– Search and instantly retrieve any document right from your computer, tablet or smartphone
– Automate your processes, review and approve your documents faster thanks to our advanced workflow engine
– Create in a few clicks an online, private and secure portal to enhance customer relationships by providing a complete 24/7 access to business documents

– File any Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents or Outlook emails, right from the ribbon of your Microsoft Office application
– Back up your files all in one place, and keep them synchronized across all of your computers and devices (smartphone, tablet).
– Scan and electronically file all your business paper documents in a structured and logical way, right from your KONICA MINOLTA multifunction printer’s control panel.
– Automate the distribution of all your business documents such as invoices, order forms, delivery note, pay slip…right from your software application.



KOMI Doc enables you to retrieve documents instantaneously according to highly relevant search modes that are fast and easy to use.

Browse your Windows type folders structure to precisely locate a file.

Retrieve any documents right from your KONICA MINOLTA multifunction printer’s control panel and print them on demand.

Benefit from OCR technology and from a «Google like search box» to retrieve file on content.



– Easily get to your business documents, presentations, and photos while you are on the go with the KOMI Doc Mobile App.
– View files directly on your smartphone or tablet
– Retrieve any documents within seconds through the powerful search engine
– Share pictures taken on the field with your team
– Save files to your device for offline access
– Manage your approval tasks



– Share documents in confidence and collaborate on content with your teammates, business partners, customers.
– Keep everyone informed, control who gets to see what and make sure your documents are always up to date.
– Control who can access file.
– Ensure data integrity of your content.
– Protect the confidentiality of your files with encryption.
– Get comprehensive reports and audit trails.



KOMI Doc lets you share easily and securely documents with your co-workers, customers or business partners regardless of file size.

Up to date Intranet
– Publish in one single location the most accurate business documents (product specs, catalogue, price lists, manuals…) and share them instantly with your mobile work force (sales, technical team, etc.)

Customer / Partner Extranet
– Easily set-up secured digital workspace and invite your business contacts to view content and to exchange feedback in one place
– Save time and money by automating the electronic delivery of whole batches of invoices to your customers

Easy file sharing
– Easily share password protected documents or folders using a link
– Reinforce security by managing expiration dates and restricted download access



The ready to deploy yet easily extensible Workflow Manager engine of KOMI Doc provides you the possibility to set-up standard and advanced document routing and approval processes.
Replace undependable email or paper based document approval process, eliminate bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.

– Design and run electronic workflows to manage all your company approval processes (purchase request, quote, holiday request, expense note, incoming mail…)

– Inform in real time your co-workers of the tasks to be performed and keep an eye on what is really going on with a particular workflow at any moment

– Use the in-built wizard to create on the fly workflow


Free yourself from paper and enhance your processes with electronic form

– Build your forms as you wish thanks to the online editor and customize them according to your activity and internal needs
– Make your created forms available to your employees (mobile or sedentary) and speed up your information collection and communication
– Store your collected data in a secure way in your KOMI Doc document management system and simplify its processing and validation

Manage the lifecycle of your documents

– Set up expiration date policies and reminders on your key documents and, simplify content governance and compliance (GDPR, PII)
– Decide which action to perform (hide or delete) and ensure that inactive and/or expired documents are either archived or properly destroyed

Perform real time report with Analytics

– Track and unify data across all your DMS platform
– Build intuitive consolidated view so you can easily conduct analysis
– Display graphical view of numbers of documents per occurrence

Speed up the validation of your documents with electronic signature

– Sign and get documents signed in a simple and secure way right from your DMS platform and from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
– Reduce your costs, deadlines and give your documents legal value
– Simplify your procedures: no more printing, manually signing or scanning of documents: all is 100% paper-free





– Increase productivity
Simplify the management of your information. Automate your business processes to eliminate time consuming tasks and to boost your co-workers performance.

– Grow your business
Sell more to existing customers by giving your sales staff a fast and upto-date access to key information. Manage effectively your expanding customer relationships. Create partnerships with other businesses by sharing information and expertise.

– Reduce costs
Save space by eliminating filing cabinets. Reduce your copies and printing costs. Lower your man hours and administrative costs by going paperless.


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bizhub Remote Access

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Konica Minolta bizhub Remote Access
All bizhub Operations From Mobile at Your Fingertips

* Please refer to “Supported bizhub models and required options” below.

  • For iPhone/iPad

Enables Remote MFP panel operations, data entry and importing of scanned data using an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. In addition, it is possible to use the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch’s address book when sending data from the MFP.

Panel Link:

– Enables remote operation by displaying the MFP panel screen on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen.

Panel Link Scan:

– Enables sending data scanned from the MFP to a connected iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and opening it in a different application using the Open-in function. PDF and Compact PDF can be selected as the scan file format. If the Compact PDF file format is selected, you can enable the OCR function.

Keyboard Link*:

– Enables data input on the MFP panel screen from the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Address Link*:

– It is possible to select the destination address from the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch’s address book to send images and documents scanned from the MFP.

* If there are more than 2 MFPs, please confirm the IP address of the MFP you are using in order to avoid erroneous data transmission.

→ Details

  • For Android

Enables Remote MFP panel operations, data entry and importing of scanned data using Android devices. In addition, it is possible to use the Android device address book when sending data from the MFP.

Panel Link:

– Enables remote operation by displaying the MFP panel screen on the Android screen.

Panel Link Scan:

– Enables saving image data scanned using the MFP to the connected Android device. It is possible to select PDF and Compact PDF as a save file format. For Compact PDF, it is possible to enable the OCR function.

Keyboard Link*:

– Enables data entry on the MFP panel screen from the Android device.

Address Link*:

– It is possible to send images scanned with the MFP using the Android device’s address book.

* If there are more than 2 MFPs, please confirm the IP address of the MFP you are using in order to avoid erroneous data transmission.

→ Details


For MFP administrators, settings for each bizhub can be made from distant locations. bizhub Remote Access is even very useful for maintenance and staff training.


bizhub Remote Access flexibly supports in-house wireless LAN environments, so the latest bizhub MFPs can be operated remotely from almost anywhere in the office.


The remote control display shows the bizhub control panel on smartphone and tablet screens. In addition, viewing the Preview screen vertically with bizhub Remote Access allows you to zoom in on preview images for better visibility.


In addition to the bizhub LCD screen keys, hardware keys can also be operated from smartphones and tablets


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YSoft SafeQ Print Management

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YSoft SafeQ Print Management

Security and data protection are among the most important challenges for businesses and corporate environments. The biggest risk remains uncontrolled access to company equipment as well as sensitive and confidential information. YSoft SafeQ dramatically reduces this and other risks, as all print, copy and scan operations can be tracked and user access to output devices centrally controlled and restricted.

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Print security
– Administrator-controlled user access: The administrator allocates and manages user access rights to ensure that only registered users have access to the multifunctional devices.
– Secure print-job release: Different authentication options for print-job release allow printing and scanning only after the user has identified himself directly at the output device.
– Follow-me printing: Registered users can release their print jobs on demand at any networked device and do not need to specify a certain output device in advance.

Device access control
Supported authentication methods:
– Authentication by ID card: Rather than having to type in login details every time, users can conveniently log on via ID card and connected card reader (option).
– Authentication via PIN: Registered users receive their own, unique PIN to log on to the printing network.
– Authentication via username and password: With this method, users have to authenticate at the device with their own username and password, which are verified against the Active Directory

Document security
– Secure access to personal documents: Users access their print jobs by authenticating at their chosen output device via username and password, PIN, or ID card. Only after authentication can print jobs be produced, ensuring that no prints are left unattended in output trays from where they might fall into the wrong hands. The physical security is thus maximised.
– Document encryption: Via the YSoft SafeQ client, the entire document transmission can be encrypted to prevent data theft
– from the client’s workstation to the YSoft SafeQ server, and from the YSoft SafeQ server to the output device.

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Managed print services

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At Konica Minolta Australia, we offer Optimised Print Services, or OPS, to help you manage your print hardware more effectively and efficiently – which includes making sure you have the right printing fleet, processes, finance and security in place. Our services include OPS Consult, OPS Implement and OPS Manage. With OPS Consult, our expert consultants provide recommendations based on defined consulting procedures and powerful analysis tools. OPS Implement looks at providing change management based on your specific business needs. With OPS Manage, our expert consultants offer a scalable portfolio of services to help you run and manage your new fleet. Tailored to the specific needs of your business, our OPS Manage service can complement your existing IT services or assume full operational responsibility.

Optimised Print Services Enquiry

Call us on +6221 424 8809