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As part of the Indonesian people, we, PT Perdana Jatiputra together with Konica Minolta Indonesia, are very proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to an event as important as the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

Last year’s 43rd ASEAN Summit was held again in Jakarta and was attended by leaders from 22 countries. So it’s not just the 11 ASEAN member countries. The partner countries said to be present were the Republic of Korea, India, Japan, China, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Russia and the United States (US). Then there are two more countries, namely Bangladesh as Chair of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and Cooks Island as Chair of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF).
As a union of Southeast Asia, of course this event is very important for all countries, therefore PT Perdana Jatiputra also felt they had to participate so that the event could be carried out smoothly.
By remaining loyal to carrying multifunctional machines from Konica Minolta, it is hoped that this event can achieve its expectations.

This contribution also shows our company’s expertise, ability and loyalty to all customers, accompanied by a strong commitment that shows a professional and classy way of working, both for local and international customers.

Customer Gathering 2023 – Bali, Surabaya & Malang

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With the opening of our new branch/depot offices in Bali, Surabaya and Malang, PT Perdana Jatiputra is holding a Customer Gathering event. As the authorized distributor and the sole rights holder of Sales and Service from the main Konica Minolta brand, we feel it is very important to increase bond with our customers in the eastern region of the islands of Java and Bali.

The event, which was attended directly by Jun Yamauchi as the Chief Representative of Konica Minolta Business Solution Indonesia, started in Bali on Saturday, June 17 2023. It was continued in Malang and ended in Surabaya on June 22, 2023 evening.

In addition to social events and lunch / dinner, in this event we also introduced the latest Konica Minolta technology. The AccurioPrint C4065, which provides the experience of Production Printing machine technology with a compact design and the best print quality in its class. With print speeds of up to 2,220 sheets per hour, this revolutionary production press has all the features your business needs to easily develop new revenue streams and expand into new markets.

In the printing industry, speed and costs are the two most important factors in the success of a business. So besides AccurioPrint C4065 we also introduce AccurioShine 3600, a 3D Varnish Gloss and Foil machine with Digital Spot UV Coating. You can have a new weapon in your arsenal to meet the demands of today’s printing needs and handle the business end of your company.

We hope that this events will provide more than just business collaboration between Konica Minolta and PT Perdana Jatiputra with our customers, but also be able to build personal bonds that can enhance mutually beneficial long-term commitments between each other.

Goes to Japan

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PT Perdana Jatiputra Goes to Japan

PT Perdana Jatiputra bersama customer Konica Minolta seluruh Indonesia melakukan trip ke Jepang dan mengunjungi pameran IGAS (International Graphic Arts Show) di Tokyo Bigsight Jepang.
Dalam trip yang dilakukan pada tanggal 21 – 28 November 2022 lalu ini, para peserta juga diajak untuk berkeliling situs-situs tradisional & modern di sekitaran Tokyo Jepang.

Mulai dari kunjungan ke Asakusa Kannon Temple, berfoto menggunakan Kimono di Iyashi No Sato, mencoba Ninja Bus Water Spider di Lake Hakone, dilanjutkan ke Hokokuji Temple dimana terdapat Little Bamboo Groove, menuju alam fantasi baru Disneyland yang bernuansa air di Tokyo Disneysea, hingga tentunya ke Tokyo Tower.

Diharapkan dengan adanya tur ini dapat memperkuat jalinan kerjasama antara PT Perdana Jatiputra dengan semua customer Konica Minolta di seluruh Indonesia.

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