Accurio Road Show 2019 – Palembang

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Perdana Jatiputra as the official Authorized distributor of the Konica Minolta brand in Indonesia, again held “Accurio Roadshow 2019” in several cities, this time the city of Palembang is hosting the event.

The atmosphere of the Road Show at Hotel Arya Duta Palembang

AccurioPress replaces Bizhub Press for high-end production printing devices. The latest AccurioPress series with the AccurioPress C6100 / C6085 type were created to support responsive printing processes & provide comprehensive solutions. With reliable machine technology, this production has become very productive and flexible, specifically designed to meet all the needs of large and medium printing, as well as a companion offset machine for the needs of “Print On Demand” / POD.

The “Accurio Roadshow 2019” event was attended by Top Management of PT. Perdana Jatiputra, representative of Konica Minolta Indonesia, Konica Minolta dealers and printing entrepreneurs.

The AccurioPress machine provides stable color consistency for all types of prints: print anytime and anywhere the same color results. This uniqueness increases work profitability and productivity, saves time, because machine operators no longer need to spend a lot of time doing color settings just to get the right color stability for each printing order, especially if there are “repeat orders” at different printing sites. Thus the machine owner can cut operational costs: the cost of printing and using paper becomes more efficient, it is not wasted to “trial” the color settings.

The Accurio machine extends flexibility, increases speed, efficiency, and ensures high print quality by increasing accuracy and productivity, so that it is in line with the Accurio series tag-line namely Advanced, Automate, Accurate, in other words: sophisticated, automatic and accurate.

Accurio is the single solution in a new era of professional print business. High productivity and machine reliability are undoubtedly facing the challenges of a print business that is much faster, more resilient, especially in handling high-volume and high-speed jobs.

Another advantage of the AccurioPress C6100 / C6085 is to expand the business potential that can support the use of paper up to 400gsm thickness and can print at a speed of 100 A4 sheets / per minute. In addition, with the “Banner bypass unit” (MB-508) and “Banner Kit” (MK-740), the AccurioPress C6100 / C6085 machine can print banners up to length (maximum 1,300mm), and in large quantities. There is also the latest paper cabinet that is LU-202XLm which allows to accommodate paper with a capacity of up to 1,000 sheets, with a maximum length of paper up to the size of 762mm.

The secret behind the AccurioPress engine’s sophistication is the Intelligent Quality Optimizer (IQ-501) which functions to monitor and adjust color stability automatically from beginning to end during the printing process. With this optimization of the IQ-501, in addition to being able to provide the right color consistency, it also provides the consistency of precision back and forth printing results (front to back registration) automatically and in real time, thereby reducing print errors (less waste), and profiling the results the same for every repeat order, without the need to make a whole color adjustment. IQ-501 increases productivity and produces superior color consistency so that it can provide the right print and color quality according to customer demand.

Excellence The AccurioPress C6100 / C6085 engine combines digital printing whose color quality can approach offset printing using a color management system, so as to produce optimal results. With the sophistication of the technology “SEAD V Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing System” makes this machine has a reliable color stability.

The toner used is Simitri HDE which has a food contact certificate from TUV so that food packaged and labeled from the production of this machine is safe for consumption. Toner Simitri HDE produces a higher natural texture like the printing process from an offset machine.

With the many advantages of AccurioPress, PT. Perdana Jatiputra believes that the presence of the AccurioPress C6100 / C6085 can provide maximum performance for digital print players in Indonesia.

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