AccurioPress C2070/C2060

Advantages features of AccurioPress C2070 Series

The new AccurioPRESS C2070 Series expands business offerings with increased versatility to handle different job requirements. With realiable productivity and an efficient workflow, the AccurioPRESS C2070 Series offers quicker turnaround allowing businesses to do more in less time.

  • Superb Versatility/job handling

Compatible with 350g/m2 thick paper

Banner printing up to 1,200 mm

Large capacity feeder for banner printing

High speed envelop printing

  • Consistently produces high quality prints

High durability (Duty Cycle)

High quality image

Reliable paper feeding system

Consistent colour reproduction, the highest level in its class

Superb stability of print image positioing

Auto-refining developing system

  • Reduction of enviromental load

Low power consumption design

Adoption of enviroment-friendly material

Complies to various enviroment standards

  • High Productivity for short turnaround

High speed duplex scanner is adopted

Semi-automatic front-to-back registration adjustment

In-line options of high quality and high functionality

Hybrid decurl system

Expanded controller functions

Enhanced paper profiles

Enhanced linkpage to office machines/support of OpenAPI/IWS


AccurioPress C2070/C2060 General Specifications

General Specifications
  AccurioPress C2070   AccurioPress C2060
Type Console Type
Copy Method 4-coupled drum tandem laser electrostatic method
Resolution Scan 600 dpi × Sub: 600 dpi
Print Equivalent to 3,600 dpi (Image data resolution is 1,200 dpi) x 1,200 dpi
Gradation 8 bit / 256 Gradiation
CPU Core i5 2400 3.1 GHz Pentium G850 2.9 GHz
System Memory Capacity 10 GB
Extended Memory System memory capacity can be extended up to 18GB with IC-603 or UK-104
Original Type Sheet, Book, Solid object
 Max. Original Size  A3 or 11×17
 Max. Printing Area  323 mm x 480 mm
Paper Size

(S: Short Edge Feed  )

Standard Tray SRA3, A3, B4, A4, B5, 13X19, 11×17, 8 1/2×14, 8 1/2×11, 5 1/2×8 1/2S, Tab paper (A4, 8 1/2×11)

Max. 330mm x 487mm, Min. 140mm x 182mm

Bypass Tray


Max. 330mm x 487mm, Min. 100mm x 182mm
Image Loss Max. 4mm or less for top edge,
Max. 4.5 mm or less for bottom edge,
Max. 3.0mm or less for right/left edges
Warm-Up Time 390 sec. or less
First Copy Out Time Colour 7.1 sec. or less 7.6 sec. or less
Black and White 5.9 sec. or less 6.3 sec. or less
Print Speed

(Color, B&W)

A4 71 ppm 61 ppm
A3 38 ppm 33 ppm
Copy Magnification Fixed  Inch : 1.000, x 2.000, x 1.545, x 1.294, x 1.214, x 0.785, 0.772, x 0.647, x 0.500

Metric : x 1.000, x 2.000, x 1.414, x 1.189, x 0.840, x 0.707, x 0.500

 Zoom  x 0.250 to x 4.000 ( Each 0.001 step)
 Tray Capacity

(80 gsm)

 Standard  Tray 1 (500 sheets)

Tray 2 (1,000 sheets)

 Option MB-506 ( Multi-bypass, 250 sheets)*1*2  

PF-602m (3,000 sheets x 2)*1

PF-707 (1,390 sheets x 2, 1,850 sheets x 1)*1

LU-202m / LU-202XL (2,500 sheets)*1

Paper Weight  Standard  62 gsm to 256 gsm*3
 Option MB-506 / PF-602m / LU-202m / LU-202XL : 62 gsm to 300 gsm
PF-707 : 62 gsm to 350 gsm
Continuous Copy Count Up to 9,999 sheets
 Power Source Inch : AC208 to 240V 22A 60 Hz

Metric : AC220 to 240V 21A, 50 Hz/60 Hz

 Power Consumption Inch : 4,900W or less (Main body only)

Metric : 4,700W or less (Main body only)

 Dimensions [W] x [D] x [H] 800 mm*4 x 903 mm*x 1,076 mm*6

31-1/2″*4  x 35-1/2″*5 x 42-1/4″*6  (Main body + Original Cover)

 Weight  Approximately 316 kg / 697 lb ( Main body only)
*1 MB-506, PF-602m, PF-707, LU-202m and LU-202XL are the option.
*2 PF-602m and PF-707 are not available when MB-506 is installed.
*3 For paper size A4 or smaller than 8 1//2×11, it is up to 216 gsm.
*4 Excluding the control panel, output tray, work table.
*5 Including the rear duct.
*6 Height to the top of the original cover excluding the control panel.

AccurioPress C2070/C2060 Printer Controller

Image Controller IC-313

Type Server
CPU Core i5 4570 2.9 GHz
 Memory 4 GB
 Page-description Language Adobe PostScript 3 (3020), PDF 1.7 , PPML v3.0GA, APPE 3.0, PCL 5/6 emuration
 Printing Method TCP/IP, SNMP, SMB, FTP, LPR, IPP, Bonjour
 Applicable OS Windows Vista*1 / 7*1 / 8.1*1 / 10*1
Windows Server 2008*1 / 2012*1
Mac OS X v10.8 / v10.9 / v10.10
 Interface 10Base-T/100Base-TX/100Base-T
 Scanner Resolution  200/300/400/600 dpi
 Data Format  PDF,TIFF,JPEG
 Driver  Twain Plug-in

*1 Including 64-bit versions.

Image Controller IC-603

bizhub C2070 bizhub C2060
Type  AIO to the engine (option)
CPU Conforms with main unit spesification
                         Memory 10GB (Standard of the main body)
+4GB (IC-603A)
+4GB (UK-104)
Max. 18GB
10GB (Standard of the main body)
+4GB (IC-603A)
+4GB (UK-104)
Max. 18GB
HDD 1TB x 3 (Standard of the main body)
+500 GB (UK-104)
Max. 3.5 TB
 1TB x 3 (Standard of the main body)
+500 GB (UK-104)
Max. 3.5 TB

Page- description Language

Adobe PostScript3 (3020), PDF direct Print (PDF version 1.7), APPE (version 3.4) (UK-104 or UK-214 is required), PDF/VT (Version 2.0) (UK-104 or UK-214 is required), TIFF direct print (TIFF version 6 compliance), PPML (version 2.2), PCL-5c compatible, PCL XL (PCL6 version 3) compatible
 Printing Method Pserver (IPX/SPX), LPD / LPR (TCP/IP), IPP (TCP/IP), AppleTalk (EtherTalk),Bonjour (TCP/IP), Web service printing (TCP/IP), NPrinter / RPrinter(IPX/SPX), Raw Port (TCP/IP), SMB
 Applicable OS PS Plug-in :  Windows Vista*1 / 7*1 / 8.1*1 / 10*1
Windows Server 2008*1 / 2008R2 / 2012*1 / 2012R2
Mac OS X v10.7 / v10.8 / v10.9 / v10.10PS PPD*1  : Windows Vista*1 / 7*1 / 8.1*1 / 10*1
Windows Server 2008*1 / 2008R2 / 2012*1 / 2012R2
Linux CUPS
 Interface  Conforms with main unit specification
Scanner Resolution  200 / 300 / 400 / 600 dpi
Data Format  PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS
 Driver  HDD Twain Driver, Real Time Mode Twain Driver

*1 Including 64-bit versions. *2 WHQL is not obtained for the PS PPD driver


Image Controller IC-417

Type Embedded
CPU Celeron G1820 2.7GHz
 Memory 2 GB
 Page-description Language Adobe PostScript3 (PS3020),(PDF 1.7),PCL 5/6 emulation
 Printing Method TCP/IP, SNMP, SMB, FTP, LPR, IPP, Bonjour
 Applicable OS Windows Vista*1 / 7*1 /8.1*1 /10*1
Windows Server 2008*1 /2012*1
Mac OS X v10.8 / v10.9 / v10.10
 Scanner Resolution  200/300/400/600 dpi
 Data Format  PDF,TIFF,JPEG
 Driver  Twain Plug-in

*1 Including 64-bit versions.

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