Digital Press bizhub PRESS C1100

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The appearance of DTP has triggered the acceleration of data digitalisation.
Technologies such as on-demand printing and electronic publishing are steadily becoming a reality.
Rather than the needs for high-volume printing of standardised information, the demand for on-demand printing capable of
printing small quantity print jobs or variable data as needed, has grown dramatically.
In addition, the rapid spread of tablet PCs has spurred the unrelenting transition from paper to electronic media.
From paper to electronic media, and electronic media to paper.
The fusion of paper and electronic media has further increased the need for on-demand printing.
bizhub PRESS C1100/C1085 has stepped into the spotlight with its high productivity on-demand printing capabilities.

Konica Minolta concepts comprise the goals of “Symbiosis in the form of reciprocal contributions to offset business,” “Expanding the scope of orders for applications” and “Wide-ranging and steady implementation of printing missions.” The “High-Potential Digital Press” has been launched to achieve these Konica Minolta concepts and support business expansion.

Outstanding colour reproduction and registration stability

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